Why Christians need to stop being the worst


Several weeks ago I was on Instagram stalking Joanna Gaines, because well, I have a real life lady crush. And I noticed her caption sharing how she and Chip had a big announcement that slipped during their time on Jimmy Fallon.

I don’t own a TV, so I quickly jumped onto youtube and couldn’t find what I wanted so I scoured the Instagram comments to find out the big announcement. And what did I see?

The most RIDICULOUS comments I’ve ever read.

Honestly, I don’t read Instagram comments often, so there is probably more ridiculous out there, but I was honestly baffled.

People somehow turned the whole thing turn into a debate about politics and religion, which made no sense seeing that they went on the show to talk about Joanna’s new design book. But most comments went something like this - I didn’t like Jimmy Fallon because he isn’t a Christian, he makes fun of the president, and therefore you guys aren’t good Christians, I will no longer buy your products, nor will I watch the show. One comment even read that God has blessed them up unto this point and now God is going to take away all of their success because they went on the show.

So let me preface my next thought with this: I am a Christian. And Jesus is the deepest desire of my heart. I genuinely purpose to live my life in a way that glorifies Him in all things. Like I sincerely do.

So with that said - These comments got me thinking no wonder people are so UNattracted to Christians.

People were attracted to Jesus mainly for one thing - he loved, and he loved radically. Where others rejected he accepted, he reached out a healing hand to the downtrodden and outcast, and he loved the unlovable. 

That is why Jesus came, to bring Salvation - through healing to the sick and helping the lost and broken find their way. He gave hope, grace, and gentleness, not judgment.

Often modern Christians are caught up in the exact opposite. They are known more for their judgments than anything else. I say that needs to change and it needs to change now. 

There is enough brokenness and harshness in this world without us adding to the immense pain people already find themselves in. Jesus calls us to be a guiding light back to him, not a spotlight on people’s sins. 

The people who have ministered to me the most have been the people who have loved me while having no intention of changing me. They were strong enough in their faith to trust God to be God and do the sanctification work only He can do. They challenged me and called me out when it was appropriate - but they never had any expectations of me to be different because their only goal was to love like Jesus.

The person I was and the person I am, was enough.

The same is true of you. You’re enough, baggage and all. Does that mean you need to stay the exact way you are and never strive for growth? Heck no! But there’s a difference when we can genuinely love someone for who they are, rather than what they do, don’t do, or who they can become.

When we get stuck in trying to help people change we are often trying to meet our own needs. True love - the kind of love Jesus had - is compassionate and lacks any judgment.

I’m telling you, that kind of love will change the world.

It’s not an acceptance of sin. It’s an acceptance of the human being God uniquely designed and knowing they are lovable because God says so.

If we could get back to the heart of Jesus and move away from the junk of western Christianity, maybe Christians would be known for something other than boycotts and hypocrisy.