What's my true identity?

So often people know who they are NOT but they have no idea who they ARE. I'll hear things all the time like.. I'm not smart enough, pretty or skinny enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not like her, I'm not worthwhile.. and the list goes on and on. If our understanding of who we are is formed in what we are not then we never truly form an identity. Darlin' - today I want you to know who you are! So tell yourself a few of these simple but powerful truths:
I am chosen by God and precious to Him. 1 Peter 2:4
I am precious, honored and love. Is. 43:4
I am beautiful and darling to God. Song of Sol. 1:15
I am received by the Lord. Ps. 27:10
I am Gods masterpiece. Eph. 2:10

Nothing about who we are comes from what we are not, but from who Christ is and who he says that we are.
You are His delight and the center of His affections! He calls you His beloved and the apple of His eye. I challenge you to walk in these truths today. Maybe on an intellectual level you know this is true but it doesn't feel true. Well, you're not alone. I would argue most Christians don't rest in this unshakable truth. I've found that sometimes I have walk forward as if something is true about me even when I don't feel it. The feelings eventually catch up, although that often requires patience and continued faith to keep on walkin'.