To the stay at home mom who feels like her days are pointless


This morning I had the privilege of reading through Ephesians two. This book is filled with goodness throughout, but I want to share something that spoke to me this morning.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

As I reflected upon this a couple things crossed my mind. One, the God of the universe created me with a specific, unique and glorious plan. A plan that he has already prepared for me in advance. Two, I was created for a purpose and God thinks my life is worth caring about.

It’s easy to think of God’s grand plan for my life as always being future tense (because let’s be honest, life can feel kind of mundane at times). You may think to yourself, ‘Someday I’ll do something really amazing, something kingdom worthy!’

But this verse isn’t written in future tense, is it? That must mean that God’s specific, unique and glorious plan for my life is happening right now!

Really? Right now? Because it seems like most days are filled with laundry, dishes, falling further behind on work and growing my never ending to-do list.

This can feel true for all of us – but I want to speak directly to the stay at home mom’s right now.

If all you do with your day is pour into your kiddos with the intention of making little disciples then you’re fulfilling the greatest calling of them all. Not only is making disciples the last command Jesus gave while on this earth but no time spent investing into the life of another human being is ever wasted.

So next time you’re tired of cleaning, changing another diaper, doing the dishes for the third time that day, remember that God has equipped you for this work. His Holy plan for your life includes these things. Choose to submit to the calling, because how you spend your days will make an eternal impact on the lives of your children than any impact you could ever have with an audience.

As a therapist who often works with the wounds brought on by childhood, I can tell you with utter and complete confidence that the two people in life who have the greatest impact on your soul are mom and dad.
I could be the greatest counselor of all time, change thousands of lives – and it would be nothing in comparison to eternally impacting the little souls I have at home.

I truly believe our greatest calling and purpose in life is to glorify Jesus. And in a close second is the calling to be a parent.