I'm exhausted. Help!

i'm exhausted boerne counseling.jpg

“I’m exhausted. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to be a parent. I don’t even want to get out of bed. I’m weary from being weary.”

Does this sound like you?

Maybe not these exact words. But fill in the blank with whatever your current life obligations are, and you’re spot on.

We’ve all been there at some point or another. But there’s a difference between a tough time that has a light at the end of the tunnel versus a prolonged difficult season.

If you’re the person that’s been in an extended and challenging season for a while now, this is what I want you to do:

1) Stop

Stop trying to figure out the answer to why you feel this way and just exist. Sometimes we don’t know the answer to why and that’s okay.

Our body and brain sometimes need to process information that isn’t always easy to pinpoint. So by allowing yourself to experience the processing instead of trying to stop it by figuring it all out will generally speaking, actually help you get through it.

Trying to stop the pain is a natural tendency. So the fact that you aren’t jumping up and down to experience pain is okay. But that’s not an excuse to avoid it.

Sometimes when we stop trying so hard and can just exist and let God hold us (even if we don’t bring anything to Him or know what to say) can sometimes be the most healing moment of all.

Because often what our heart needs when we’re in the lowest of lows isn’t necessarily a solution to the problem (although that’d be nice, too). But to be reminded of what’s real in spite of our circumstances.

So stop trying to accomplish all the things. Stop putting pressure on yourself to do what you aren’t able to do or be something that you aren’t able to be right now. Let go of others expectations of you and just focus on what you need right now.

This isn’t to say, get selfish and forget your daily responsibilities and screw everyone else. This is for those who overexert themselves, trying to accomplish it all, and are burnt out. Or those in a difficult season that are just weary from it all.

Having a dirty kitchen this week isn’t going to kill you. Letting the laundry pile up a few extra days isn’t either.

If your soul needs rest, give it rest.

2) Listen

Allow yourself time to sit and reflect on truth.

Basically, make room for God.

Give yourself time to hear him. Don’t put pressure on yourself or try and create something that's not meant for you to create. But give yourself the time and space to make yourself available to God.

Listen to worship music, read the psalms, go on a walk, sit and stare at a wall. Whatever. Just do the thing that makes you feel most connected to God. Even if it’s been a while. There are no expectations or supposed to’s here. All you’re focusing on is making yourself available.

And if you don’t know what connects you to Him, then do the things that make you feel most you. He created you and when you’re most you, you’re actually in the process of worship. He delights when we are acting in who He created us to be all along.

Sometimes the best we can give when we’re weary is just to hope God speaks. And that’s okay if that’s all you can offer.

3) Remember

This too, shall pass.

God loves you, He likes you, and what you’re experiencing can be used for your good. No matter what’s been done to you or how you’ve responded to it, nothing you do or don’t do will change this truth.

Even if this doesn’t feel true to you, that’s okay. Reflect, meditate, and remember that these truths will always be real, regardless of circumstances:

You’re lovable. You’re enough. You’re enjoyable. You’re worth sacrificing for.

What you do doesn’t make you who you are.

You’ll never be responsible for other peoples choices or actions.

God is for you, and He is with you. And he made you, and we need you. Not a pretend version of you - we need the real deal.

What else can you add to this list? You don't need to feel it, and your heart doesn't even have to believe it yet. Just add things you know intellectually are true because God says so.

I’m not asking you to feel something you’re not capable of handling right now. I’m asking you to put faith in truth even when you don’t feel like it.