To be, or to title?

Who are you? What is the first attribute of yourself that pops into your head when I ask this? Maybe a teacher, a mom, so and so’s younger sibling, a CEO, a star athlete. The list has so many different titles.

Now imagine what would happen if that were taken away. You’re fired, tragedy strikes, an injury, you’re replaced, life goes on.

How much would losing that title rock your world, the very core of who you are?

I know for me, I for a long time put my identity in being a Christian. Not in Christ himself, but the title that came with him. Something else I had begun to identify with was my past and my pain. I began to develop this thought that part of my identity was what had been done to me, the betrayal, the abuse, the pain and loss I had experienced throughout my life. I thought of myself as a strong, brave Christian for overcoming such obstacles in such short years. Now notice how many times I have thus far said “I”.

What tremendous and crushing pressure I was putting on myself, to define myself. I told an old friend, in trying to be strong, I was holding myself up though only by a rope around my neck.

When we try to find our identity in ourselves, we are set up for failure. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the architecture is if it doesn’t have a solid foundation it is bound to crumble. So it is with us. I have experienced a lot of pain in this last season of my life, but it no longer defines me. The abuse I’ve been through has certainly been a tool in shaping who I am, but it doesn’t define who I am.

We all have a past, we all have earthly titles, we all have accomplishments. Some might be bigger or more unique, but ultimately the only identity that will never leave us wanting is Christ. He is the rock to which my soul clings and the redeemer of this rebellious heart, and I can rest easy in the fact that will never, ever, change. No matter how many times I trip, stumble, and run away, I am a redeemed, cherished, daughter of the King Most High. I don’t have to earn it or fight for it, it has been placed upon me.

The good news is you, in Christ, have that same freedom. Really the only thing left is to decide which you will pursue. Being a child of God or assigning yourself a temporary title sure to leave you wanting.



Guest blog post was written by Abby McKinney. She's a kind-hearted, spunky lady who loves Jesus. Check out her blog here!