Personal growth

Ever notice a persistent pattern in your life? Or act in a way that you truly don’t understand why? My greatest passion is helping people take a look at their past to better understand their present. After all, patterns of behavior are generally a repeat of the past. I love helping people learn where those present patterns developed, understand the identity they are currently operating from and how uprooting these things can ultimately lead to freedom. 



Developing an identity isn’t typically a process someone spends time thinking about daily. You go along, living your life and then one day realize you have no idea who you really are. I would say most, if not all, the clients I see lack a foundational understanding of who they truly are. When we can stand strong in knowing who we really are and let go of the false beliefs about ourselves, we are in a must stronger position to live the life we truly want to live. 



Co-dependency in its most basic form can be understood as an unhealthy dependence upon people, behaviors, or things. Ultimately, there is such a lack of identity within a person from previous wounding that they search for themselves externally. My passion is to help you find your true identity. Allowing you to enjoy relationships and things but not needing them to complete who you are as a person. You were created with great purpose and are exceptionally unique and there is a tremendous amount freedom in discovering who you were truly created to be.


Young adults

The years of young adulthood are uniquely challenging. This stage of life includes trials unlike any other time of life and can sometimes be hard to navigate without a little extra support. Working through conflict, healing from the past and moving forward as the adult we want to be is a foundational process for the rest of your life. 



Long term stress can have a rather large negative impact on our lives, both physically and emotionally. Not only do we often feel overwhelmed but we are rarely present in the moment, even with the ones we love most. Surely this is no way to live! Counseling is a great opportunity to learn to say no, set healthy boundaries and unearth potential underlying issues that the stress may be rooted in.